Sunday, 10 February 2013


My Wig

My wig is gorgeous!!!!! I got the wig from “Parrucche” in Merchant City. The owner Melanie Burrell is also a gorgeous woman, who is approachable, caring and down to earth. 

In Sept 2012, I went to collect my wig but I needed to get my hair shaved because my hair was very thin. So, I asked if she mined if I could shave my head myself – I think she was a little taken back. She said “I was the first person to shave their own head in her salon”. I was delighted to be the first – how childish.


As soon as I got my wig fitted. I asked the owner Melanie if she didn’t mine if she could put my wig in the box because I needed to embrace my new baldy look right away. Again, I was the first person to leave a wig shop without wearing the wig.


Here is me pretending, I am having a bad wig day. Ha Ha
Sorry Melanie - I am only joking!!!

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