Sunday, 10 February 2013



My Operation

On the 17 January 2013, I was booked into Wishaw hospital to have an operation to remove my left tit.  

Before the operation:

I wrote a wee message for the medical staff to have a wee laugh before they removed my breast. I still had my sense of humour even going under the Big Chop!!!!


After the operation:
My breast weighted 7lbs - Wow

Just before I was going into theatre, the breast care nurse informed me about lymhoedema and I said “I know to be more careful like lifting heavy items and avoid infections in the arm etc”.

Then the nurse said “did you know that, if you arm swells up that the swelling will probably not go away – my arm would not go back to its normal size”.

Well !!!!   After hearing that news just before I am getting my mastectomy the air turned blue.

I was raging!!!!!!     Why was I not told this information weeks before the operation instead of a half hour before I when into theatre.

When I was in the recovery ward, coming around from the operation, I ask the nurse what I was talking about whilst under the general anesthesia – she said I was cursing a lot. LOL

Even subconsciously, I was still annoyed with that bloody nurse telling me about lymhoedema and the chance of getting an elephant arm.

Here is a picture of a lymhoedema arm:

By the way - this is not me. This s a black women who has lymhoedema.



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