Monday, 1 April 2013

My Blog

A few days after I was told I had cancer. I was lying in bed beside my husband I said “I am going to write a blog”. My husband replies “Why would you do that! – who would read it?”

Well, over a thousand hits and counting. There are people as far as America, Spain, Poland and France reading my blog.

I am very pleased that people want to read my blog because with having dyslexia, I hate to write to people, incase of spelling or grammar mistakes – now I have more confidence because of my weeeeeee spell checker and reading several times before I post a new posting.

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My Discharge from Hospital

I stayed in hospital for one night and was sent home the next day after my mastectomy with a bag to collect excess fluids. That night, I got home (Friday) Jim, me and my ma spent the whole night just watching the bag.

We all came to the conclusion, the bloody bag was not working. So, straight back to hospital that night at 11.30 pm to get the bag replaced. I was re-admitted to the medical award were the doctor and nurse was not familiar with this type of bag so Jim, the doctor, the nurse and I all worked together to replace the bag. What a carry on!

I was then send home with a new bag and two pairs of sock to prevent blood clots.

This is how I was send home from hospital:

My face is very round in this picture for several reasons. The main reason being that I was given steriods during my chemo - that made my face looked bloated and annother reason is my love of beer, crisps and the occassional takeway. Ha!!! Ha!!!

My long suffering husband

What can I say about my husband – he’s simply the best!!

I have trained my husband to be an equal partner in our relationship – involving him fully in looking after the kids, cooking, tidying, ironing and cleaning. 
But since my cancer diagnoses, my husband is superman – he practically does everything and tells me to sit down and relax. I am so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!! At times, I pretend I am worst than I actually am – oh how I love a weeeeeeeeeee laugh, at my husband expense.

Here is my husband favorite position:

 Lying down, watching Celtic beat Rangers, having his favorite dinner of steak and chips in front of the telly and drinking a bottle of beer. That what makes my husband happy!

My twin sister

 Since I have been diagnose with breast cancer, my twin has phoned me every day and has visited me 4 times since August.

Although, she still has problems – you’ll think I had problems with breast cancer – her problems are worst “her nerves”.

The first night over in my house, we were having a glass of wine and eating some nuts. Every time, I put a nut into my mouth I could feel her staring at me in disgust. I asked my twin “if she was alright”. She said “off course”. Next day she admitted to me “I was annoying her eating the nuts”. My twin sister is a nutcase with serious problems.

So, I like to get my own back on family and friends by doing practical jokes. Here goes!!!!

So, the next night my twin, hushand and I when to the pub for a few pints and then up the road for a takeaway. So I decided to do a practical joke on my twin sister and husband.

I throw a heavy box down the stairs from the top and then I let out a piercing scream!!!!!

My husband came running out to the bottom of the stairs – eyes wide in shock. My twin is in the living screaming “I can’t look, I can’t deal with this!”

My twin thought I fell down the stairs and was badly injured. She said “I was a nutcase and I scared the F**k out of her”. Oh I love my practical jokes – more to come!!!!!

My Nose

 I went to my local GP to complain about my nose being blocked up. I couldn’t breathe and it was keeping me awake at night. 

The GP gave me some nasal spray. On further inspection of my nose, I realize that I had no hair up my nose – so no wonder my bloody nose was blocked. The chemo hadn’t just removed hair from my head but also hair from my nose. What a laugh!!
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