Monday, 1 April 2013

My twin sister

 Since I have been diagnose with breast cancer, my twin has phoned me every day and has visited me 4 times since August.

Although, she still has problems – you’ll think I had problems with breast cancer – her problems are worst “her nerves”.

The first night over in my house, we were having a glass of wine and eating some nuts. Every time, I put a nut into my mouth I could feel her staring at me in disgust. I asked my twin “if she was alright”. She said “off course”. Next day she admitted to me “I was annoying her eating the nuts”. My twin sister is a nutcase with serious problems.

So, I like to get my own back on family and friends by doing practical jokes. Here goes!!!!

So, the next night my twin, hushand and I when to the pub for a few pints and then up the road for a takeaway. So I decided to do a practical joke on my twin sister and husband.

I throw a heavy box down the stairs from the top and then I let out a piercing scream!!!!!

My husband came running out to the bottom of the stairs – eyes wide in shock. My twin is in the living screaming “I can’t look, I can’t deal with this!”

My twin thought I fell down the stairs and was badly injured. She said “I was a nutcase and I scared the F**k out of her”. Oh I love my practical jokes – more to come!!!!!

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