Monday, 1 April 2013

My Blog

A few days after I was told I had cancer. I was lying in bed beside my husband I said “I am going to write a blog”. My husband replies “Why would you do that! – who would read it?”

Well, over a thousand hits and counting. There are people as far as America, Spain, Poland and France reading my blog.

I am very pleased that people want to read my blog because with having dyslexia, I hate to write to people, incase of spelling or grammar mistakes – now I have more confidence because of my weeeeeee spell checker and reading several times before I post a new posting.

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  1. Hey Annette, im sure Roisin has told you all about me, and how i have you in my favourites bar lol. When i get home i always check your page and see if you have posted anything new, you perk me up no end reading your blog and when i think of how my life has changed over the last 12 months i look at yours and think what an amazing inspirational woman with a family and husband behind you. You are good to get through anything with an attitude and personallity as strong as yours xxxx Thanks for the inspiration to grab ,ife by the balls and fight it all the way xxx

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    1. H Cameron

      e-mail address is

      Ask any question - hope I can help.

      Annette Bredin

      my e-mail address is also on the blog.