Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My Driver

“I told you, bloody women drivers , shouldn’t be on the bloody roads.”

During my 4 week radio theory course in the Beatson in Glasgow, I have a personal driver who drives me to hospital, waits until I receive the treatment and then drives me home. This is a voluntary organisation, which has been setup to provide a vital support to cancer patients needing transport to hospital.  This charity is called “The Volunteer Driver Service” based in Wishaw. I like to think of these men and women who give up their own time, their own car to help strangers with cancer as “Unsung Hero’s”

My personal driver Ronnie – he is a lovely, caring, protective, funny, chatty man how has taken all the stress from me by driving me everyday to hospital. Whilst driving to hospital its expiries we have friends in common and interests in common as well – so there is lots of banter/criac. Throughout the journey to and from hospital – Ronnie rants about crazy, bad mannered drivers on the roads. Ronnie delights in making a point that all bad drivers are all women, women and more women. I quietly sit in the back and thoroughly enjoy the banter and also the tirade "why women should never be allowed behind a wheel".

During the second week of Ronnie driving me to hospital, Ronnie was driving down the motorway in the outer lane, when another driver started to veer into our lane. Due to Ronnie’s alert reaction (Ronnie is 69 years old – well done!) save us from being driven of the road into a serious car accident.  Ronnie then screams “it a bloody women driver” and as the car driver passed by - it was an old grey hair man about the same age as Ronnie. What can I say -  Ronnie. LOL. Hal Hail!!!

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