Monday, 17 June 2013

thank you

My Thank You

Thanks everyone for sending your kind regards during my breast cancer treatment.

It worked – it cured me (lol). No more cancer in my breast. 

I won the breast cancer fight - tits down - easy!

Aine & Thomas
Alison & Lynn
Angela & Carol (Birmingham)
Ann Cassidy
Ann Jim Hillis
Anne Maire Morren
Aunt Bell & Jim
Business Education Dept
C McSorley
Carly & Thomas
Collette (Belfast)
Corrs’ Girls
Eileen Datton (Birmingham)
Eilish Kelly
Elaine Johnstone
English Dept
Frances, David Adam & Natalie
Gerard & Karen Morgan
Heather (TMS)
Janet & Kevin Nagle
Jim & Collette Roddy
Joanne Monoghan
Julie & Seamus McCory
Julie Howitt
Kate & Tony McNamara
Kathleen Dowds
Kathleen Morel
Kathleen Steale & Moya
Kelly & Henry Beattie
Lauren & Dillion (pupils)
Linzi & Karl
Lynn Methven
Marie Birchard
Mauna McFennan
Maureen & Pat (Birmingham)
Maureen & Pat Walsh (Birmingham)
Mhairi Smith
Mrs Burns
Nova & John
Nursery Staff
O’Connor’s family
Pauline Buchannon
Peggy Tarrgart
Rita O’Neil
Sadie Sheppard
Stacey Doolan
Stan & Jannette
Stewart Howie (TMS)
Suzanne Moffat

Sorry, if I left anyone out!!!!!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

My Ups and Downs through treatment.

My first down was when I was diagnosed with breast cancer on 1 August 2012. 

I asked the consultant, "Is the cancer, just in my breast? He said “No could be elsewhere in my body. 

I had to wait 3 days for the results to come back and the results revealed it was not in my bones or liver. 

Results - Good news! Only dealing with Breast Cancer! Thank God!

My next test was to get an MRI and a CT scan to assess the cancer. The next information I received is that I have 3 further lesions in my body, that needed to be checked out for cancer:

1  Adrenal gland
2  Liver
3  Ovaries

Tests on the liver showed a concern. (Binge drinking - lol - only joking).  Had to get another ultra scan and more tests. So back to the CT scan to totally confirm that I did not have cancer in the liver nor a drink problem I have a very healthy liver. (I am envious of all Irishs' drinkers - get-it-up you.

Results - Good news! Only dealing with Breast Cancer! Thank God!

During my 2nd chemo session, I lost my voice, rushed into hospital for 2 full boring days with suspected glandular fever. Test results came back negative. 
Results - Good news! Only dealing with Breast Cancer! Thank God!

During my 3rd Chemo I had dizzy spells, shortness of breath and a pounding headache. Went to my local GP thinking it was my sinus and I just need sinus tablets. "Oh no how will I ever cope with a sinus problem lol bring it on"!!!!! 

Results - Good news! Only dealing with Breast Cancer! Thank God!

The doctor informed me that I may a have a blood clot in my lungs. Rushed into hospital for 3 long days. Test results came back negative. The symptoms were only from the side effects of chemo I knew there was nothing wrong the only problem I had was to stay in hospital with sick people lol.

Results - Good news! Only dealing with Breast Cancer! Thank God!

A few weeks after my operation, my left hand began to swell, Oh no! Am I getting Lymphodema. When to hospital the results were negative for lymphodema it was just bloody water retention lol.
Results - Good news! Only dealing with Breast Cancer! Thank God!

On 18 March 2013. I was due to start my radiotherapy for 5 weeks. I got a letter saying they were delaying my radiotherapy. My question.

Why? - because I was really looking forward to it"!

I was told my heart was too close to my breast bone and I would needed to have another CT scan. Ah well! 

I then got an unexpected phone call from the Head of Oncology informing me that there are serious concerns in giving me radiotherapy because my heart is too close to my breast bone that radiotherapy could damage my heart.

I was also told from the Head of Oncology that she had to employ the best physician to work over 2 full weekend to plan a strategy plan to give me radiotherapy with limited damage to my heart. I believe she successfully got the radiotherapy plan perfect.

On 1 April 2013, I started my first radiotherapy treatment. 

Bring it on I ready for radiotherapy to get rid of this breast cancer for once and all. Let the fight begin!

Results - Good news! Only dealing with Breast Cancer! Thank God!

So the moral of this story so far is: what will be, will be.

If I ever worried about my diagnosis, I would never get out of bed. So what I do I simply dont think about it and keep positive because it always works out for the best. So if bad news comes my way, I will deal with it head on with Irish strength and dignity Cant be bothered worrying until I know all the facts whats the point!

Results - Good news! Only dealing with Breast Cancer! Thank God!

On Monday, 29 April 2013 my oncologist decided to finish my radiotherapy after 3 weeks so that to avoid damaging my heart any further..

Results - Good news! Only dealing with Breast Cancer! Thank God!

But, during our discussion I told the oncologist I was being very sick during my radiotherapy. She then informed me simply that it could have travelled to the brain. Oh no brain cancer! What next.? I was told this information on my own no problem I am up for a good fight.
Results - Bad news! 

So then the oncologist organised a CT scan to further investigate. My appointment was scheduled for Tuesday, 4 June (6 weeks later) far too long to wait thats my first complaint that I will be taking forward so that other women dont wait 6 weeks for vital information.

On 6 May I returned to full time employment in St Mungos Academy. Simply felt good but needed to pay the bills because after 6 months I went down to ½ pay. So time to get back to work and normality and I love my job.

Just for the records  I love my job teaching pupils, I am not looking for promotion, I am now retired. "Get it up!"

In St Mungo's the Academy

  • I dont take cheek from pupils I dashed it out with Irish banter. 
  • I tell the kids stories all about my life good therapy and I crack jokes and slag the kids and have a laugh, 
  • i also been nominated for the msot strisites of teachers from S6 not S1 becasue I take my job and pupils education top priority
  • I thoroughly enjoy the banter with all the young kids in school and I get paid to do it. What a good life I have had in St Mungo's Academy - Glasgow. St Mungo's Academy's motto "Bringing out the Best."

On Tuesday, 28 May I returned to work after spending a brilliant weekend down in Coseley with my twin sister and bro-in-law. On Wednesday and Thursday 29 & 30 May I was off work with exhaustion. I then returned to work on the Friday, 31 May because I simply needed to pay the bills I felt good definitely good to return not once believing I was over pushing it because my health is worth more than money.

By lunch, I had a sore head and then I throw up in my classroom whilst two young girls were working in my class room working. I even pissed myself lightly whilst throwing up - lol  (reason having three 9 1/2 pounder babies) "Who gives a shit or Who gives a piss!"

Left work at lunch time my good friend linda Hyde walked me to my car - what a caring women and friend. when home and slept and by 2.00 am in hospital with a sore head and sickness. 

On Saturday, 1st June 2013, received my long awaited CT scan results Secondary Brain Cancer. 

Few days later spoke to specialists (no name mentioned) comments it's just bad luck and touched my knee and told Jim and I "we need to talk." Sorry, I am never bitter, I accept my illness. But I dont like anyone ever to patronised me ever. I am adult.

So here goes this is where my fight begins because I was also informed that I cant get my brain lasered because they can only do 3 lesions. Guess what I have 10 lesions (I am a greedy bitch). 

If I lived in England I would be given the drugs to help minimise it. 

If I had private health - BUPA, again I gett get drugs to help me live longer, but not a cure. My only option at this stage is a trial drug which is a hit a miss.

So my fight for life begins - NOW - my kids need you to help me to be there for as long as possible.


"Give me the cancer drugs, that will help me live longer for my 3 wee girls."