Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My Hospital Visit

Why are there so many sick people outside the hospital smoking????
I find going to hospital off putting because half of them look like they are dying, some with one leg, majority off the smokers are in wheel chairs. I want to shout “those figs will give you cancer” and then I think, they need this drug. I am proud to say I have quit smoking for over 5 years and would never look back.
I was a social smoker at the weekend and loved it but having kids I had to stop smoking just in case I got cancer. Guess what I got it anyway!!!!
I dont believe that just figs gives you cancer, there are numerous of causes - stress, health, alcohol, well being and just bad luck. I believe my cancer was bad luck. I breast feed all my babies (3 girls) The brochures in hospitals promoted breast feeding can reduce Breast cancer – well it certainly did not reduce my breast cancer it had no effect on me.
I breast feed my youngest Orlaith for 2 years and I would not change a thing. I absolutely loved breast feeding I would highly recommend it. My friend Frances Dodds (a nurse) used to call me “Daisy the Cow “ because I could express 10oz of breast milk from one breast in one sitting.

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