Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My New Bra’s

I was given £100 from my family to buy mastectomy bras. I visited Mark & Spencer’s and Debenhams to buy a mastectomy bra - they did not have any in the shop, they are only stocked in the bigger shops in Glasgow. So I spend ½ a day on the internet to source my new mastectomy bras.

Well!!     Did any of these online shops have my size 42 FF. NO!!!!

So, I was forced to order 3 smaller bras sized 40 FF and then bought a bra extension strap to give me more room.


This is my new tit. – a softie

Biggest one is a size 13 - the biggest size that the NSH make for patients. This softie was too small, so they gave me an additional smaller softie to fill me out to a double FF.

Did you know that my breast removed weighted 7 lbs – ½ stone.


Twin, Kelly, Soibhan, Mum, Dad and Gael. Thanks for the money - here is a picture of one of my mew mastectomy bra's.

Last week, Jim and I when shopping in Morrison and I forgot to put in my 2 softie.

I strolled around Morrison with just one tit. I did not give a shit!!!!


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