Sunday, 23 February 2014

Great news to report

Hi everyone

Hail Hail

I have Good news to share with you all.

Yesterday, Thursday 20 Feb 2014 I when to the Beatson for my CT of my body. CT was to ascertain if the cancer had broken through the blood barrier into my body.

Was it in my blood, bone, pelvis, chest and the results were negative.

What a fantastic result!

Next good news from my gorgeous cuddly Oncologist Mohammad Rizwanullah is because it did not transfer into my body. I am being recommended to a specialist board to receive the drug which may help me.

Lapatanib Drug

I was told at the start of the Trial, if the other drug I was getting, Trial A (capecetabin and hercepton) didn’t work I wouldn’t get Lapatanib.

Now my oncologist is very confident it will be approved – I told you about being positive and praying.

So, what a turn up for the books – remember never give up.

This is not a cure for Brain tumours but to stabilise this condition for as long as possible, still hoping for a miracle- why not!!

Thanks for your support and prayers, I told you God is good.

NB Over the last few days my blog was hit over 5,000 times and counting. Thanks everyone! Total blog read is 26,480 readers all over the world.

KEEP THE FAITH !!!!!!!!!


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  1. Fantastic news! :D.....The power or prayer! Well done Annette x