Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My drug taking = steroids

What a journey – taking steroids. I was given steroids on the 1st June – the day I was diagnose with brain cancer.
I never realise the side effects that I would go through:
1.    Weight gain: I put on over a stone in weight and I spend months trying to lose that stone.  The old saying is  “a minute of the lips and years on the belly”

2.   Puffiness: OMG look at my face – I look like a hamster. How can I ever leave the house??? Just don’t look at a mirror before you go out – or you will never go out. Lol

3.   Stretch marks: One day during my tour of Ireland – I woke up with my stomach swollen (the size of a 7 month pregnant women). I was convinced that I was pregnant – I made the Big man go to the chemist and get me a pregnant test. But the best thing is- I hadn’t had sex in months – I really thought it was an immaculate conception = no joking. Took the test in my tent – it was negative.

4.   Euphoric: I felt I could do anything – my family and friends were worried. I wanted to buy everything new for the house. My poor husband was pulling his hair out. I didn’t think anything could touch me – it was like, if I wanted it I got it.

5.   Mobility: My mobility has been reduced dramatically; I have to link my husband arm whilst walking. If I am doing shopping I hold onto the trolley for support or (I sit in it = it’s a bit sore on my arse) if I was in the town centre – I hold unto Orlaith pram for support, even though Orlaith is in nursery lol.

I am now getting rails installed in my staircase, my bathroom - because I can't no longer able get out of the bath on my own - the big man has to help me. Now told my the big man - just have a shower love.

6.   Sleep problems: One minute I am wake in the car, next I am snorting – then I would wake up ten minutes later and then its starts all over again.
7.   Depression: recently I started to wake up at 3 o clock in the morning and then I found it difficult to get back to sleep. I also started avoiding my mates and neighbours (avoiding people) and having no interests in my wee blog – so I have forced myself to update my wee journey.
Telling anyone you have depression is an extremely hard thing to do because depression has a stigma of the person being weak and I am certainly not weak.
So, the moral of steriods – do not take them – they have totally ruined my good looks and figure.

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